Cremation, as old as history itself and as modern as today, has become the second most popular method of final disposition in the United States. However, choosing cremation does not mean that cherished funeral traditions have to be compromised.

Let us assist you in learning about the possible alternatives and choices available to you by reading this outline of the most widespread forms of cremation options. Also, remember that, independent from traditional beliefs, all selections should meet your or your loved one's personal wishes and desires.

  • A traditional funeral with the body present and cremation following is an option whereby a traditional funeral service with viewing is selected. The cremation follows the service. To accommodate increasing requests, a rental casket is available for visitation and traditional funeral ceremony without purchase of the casket.
  • Immediate disposition with a Memorial Service is yet another alternate cremation service. Hereby, the body is immediately cremated but a memorial service, held either at the funeral home, church, or other meaningful place, with the option to have the cremated remains present at that time, is conducted.
  • Increasing in popularity, a Night Service with private interment of the ashes the following day oftentimes allows people who have difficulty leaving work during the day to attend the services.
  • A Private Service held for members of the family and invited guests only. This type of service is appropriate for both, traditional funerals and cremation services.
  • Non-religious, or Humanist Services, are conducted by a close friend or relative and take any form the family wishes.

  A dignified farewell in a meaningful place. This is why we sincerely believe that the location of any funeral service is an equally important choice to be made by you and your family. Below, find some examples of such places.

  • A traditional funeral at the Funeral Home Chapel or Church of your choice can be arranged by your Costantino funeral professional.
  • Memorial service locations can include Costantino's funeral chapel, a church of your choice, the home of the deceased or a relative's, or any other place preferred by the family.
  • A cremation service can be held at the Graveside prior to interment or inurnment of the cremation memorial.
  • Any place that a family finds meaningful and that meets their needs can be selected as the location for a loved one's service. We at Costantino's will be happy to assist you in arranging the service of your choice.

Your options following the cremation can be tailored to your wishes as well. For example, the cremation memorial may be buried at a cemetery, placed in a mausoleum, buried in an urn garden, or the ashes may be scattered, or taken home.

We thank you for taking your time to read and learn about the many options for cremation services that Costantino Funeral Home offers. Should you still have more questions regarding cremations or any of our services, please feel free to contact us.